Friday, May 30, 2014

Spirit Week, Zoo & other random pictures

This post is going to have a bunch of random pictures from our past week.

Random number one: Charles got the straws down one morning and forgot to put them back up in the cupboard. Somehow they were behind the toaster oven and when we turned the toaster on it melted quite a few of the straws and the plastic wrap around them. Glad it didn't cause a fire!

Random number two: making rubberband bracelets is a recent favorite pastime and even 4-year-old Jane has picked it up and can make little rings.

Random number three: Last week was the last full week of school for the kids until Summer break so we had Spirit Week. A few of the days my kids dressed up on were crazy hair, superhero and 80's day.
Elisabeth's crazy hair.
Annabelle's crazy hair bow.

Pictures from 80's day. Elisabeth and her two besties, Emily and Tammy.

Random number 4: Costco now sells red quinoa! I was so excited to see it! Here is a big bowl, cooked up for me to use in whatever I want during the week. Isn't it pretty?

Random number 5: I was a chaperone for Annabelle's fieldtrip to the zoo. We had four kids and the two boys were very energetic and I definitely had to put on my strict mom face while we were there; in the beginning they were running everywhere and climbing on everything and chasing the peacocks and geese walking around trying to poke them. So I set several rules and was very strict about us following them; the consequence: if you do x you will hold my hand. The boys held my hand off and on throughout the three and a half hours we were there. :) 

Random number 6: Some selfies, one of Nora and a couple I took in my new-to-me clothes from Bec. I'm pretty sure 3/4 of my wardrobe comes from Becca. Thanks Sis! Love your style :).

Random number 7: Waffles for Sunday breakfast. Charles made himself a cute little smiley face with the toppings.

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