Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pinewood Derby, and more

 Charles had his first Pinewood Derby last week. They ran a bunch of races; Charles' car was first twice! Scott didn't get time to put weights on until right before the derby started and he couldn't get the little circular weights to detach from one another with what little time he had so instead he made two holes in the back of the car and then glued two entire columns of weights into those holes, so the long, thin column of weights were sticking out of the back of the car :). The boys thought it looked pretty cool :). I didn't get a picture of the car but we've still got it so next time I upload pictures I'll try and remember to take a pic right before so I can add it to this post.
 Desi and I switch babysitting/volunteering in our kids elementary classes each Tuesday. Here are our girls, Nora, Ruby, Jane and Ivy playing with the kitchen stuff.
Nora figured out where we are stashing all the Easter goodies. She drags a chair over from the kitchen table, climbs up on the counter to get into the cabinet containing everyone's treats. And she doesn't pay any attention to whose name is labeled on the outside of each goodie bag which would probably cause sibling frustration if they knew that was happening, but since they don't keep close tabs then I don't worry about it too much :).  

The girls have been wanting me to do topsy tails in their hair since I started doing them with Nora. Here is Annabelle showing off one of her new favorite do's. (Thanks Desi for the topsy tail tool)

And that's it for today! Next post will have pictures from our trip to Mt Rushmore!

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