Monday, May 26, 2014

Elisabeth in Peter Pan

Elisabeth's school does a musical/play each year. This year was Peter Pan and Elisabeth played the part of Iridessa, a fairy. She sang and dance and had a few speaking lines.

Elisabeth had lots of practices and rehearsals that became even more frequent as the performance day approached. Toward the end we'd wait for her to get out of piano so we could rush her back to school for practice; Here are Annabelle and I, waiting outside for piano to finish, the other kids were there as well, playing hide-and-seek in the front yard :). You like Nora's 'loves' hanging out of my pockets? Yeah, that's totally normal. Her love is actually a white handkerchief.

Elisabeth performed Tuesday and Thursday, with a couple of different main casts.

Scott took Annabelle and Jane to watch her perform Thursday night(Charles saw her perform during the day at school). I went and watched her Tuesday night and afterward took her out for frozen yogurt. Good job Elisabeth, you worked hard and you did well!

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