Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bella Notte

 Back in February a friend from the Stake, Megan, asked if I sang because they had a spot in their singing group. I think she asked because she'd just heard Elisabeth play the piano so beautifully at Charles' baptism and probably thought I was also musically inclined. I actually do enjoy singing, in particular alto, so I agreed to give it a try. There are 10 of us and these women are all fabulous people and great singers! I've loved getting to know them during our weekly practices. The picture above is just before we sang a few numbers at a Senior Prom for the community. And the picture below was just after the Senior Prom when I took the girls to get ice cream since the boys were out camping!

Last week we sang at an assisted living center; the kids and I used to go monthly to visit some elderly friends we'd made when we lived in Utah and it brought back such fond memories! We'll have to start going again. We're singing at another assisted living center next week. We've had three performances so far so it's not all the time.
 After meeting together weekly for months, we decided to have a BBQ so we could meet everyone's family and sing a couple of songs for them.

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