Monday, April 7, 2014

Sewing Machine and Hemmed Jeans

Scott got me a new sewing machine for Christmas this year. In years past I'd been using a really, really old one I'd been given that had no instruction manual and only had one standard stitch that worked. It was hard to thread and really hard to get the bobbin in and working. It caused me so much frustration that I just rarely ever took it out. Because of those frustrating past years experience, when I got this one I was still a bit apprehensive about using it. What if it wasn't so much a machine problem as it was a machine operator problem? And so the two times I've pulled it out since Christmas I made sure that Scott was by my side and together we read through the manual and figured things out. Have I ever mentioned that Scott is a gem and a sweetheart? Well, he is. Anyway, this past week I was given a pair of new 7 for All Mankind jeans from my neighbor Desi who wasn't going to wear them and they fit great except they were a little long. I decided to make this my first sewing project that I did on my own with my new sewing machine. Desi sent me the link to instructions for how to hem your jeans, using the original hem, without cutting them. That pinterest post is here. Pinterest is a wonderful thing! So I measured and marked,

folded and pinned,
 Sewed and ironed, (4 year old Jane took this picture of me ironing. Jane and Nora were interested little learners. They and never seen me on a sewing machine before and were quite amazed...and so was I!)

All done!

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