Monday, April 14, 2014

My 31st Birthday!

 I turned 31 this weekend and we celebrated all weekend long!

Friday night Scott set up a babysitter (thanks Brown Family!!! And thank you Scott!) and we went to Cinebarre, for dinner and a movie (Captain America 2). The food wasn't great, and the theater was a bit run down, but I loved being with Scott, sitting close, holding his hand for two hours :). Afterwards when we went to pick up the kids, our friends, the Brown's, were out in the back with their firepit along with our friends the Norman's so we joined them for an hour and visited which was really nice.

Saturday morning we went to Charles' soccer game and then afterward we went to Cracker Barrel for a family birthday breakfast. I LOVE their pancakes! They are cooked to perfection, every time. I LOVE the crispy edges. The kids love to play checkers on their giant checker boards, and we all like to sit and rock in their rockers.
 Except maybe for Nora :).
 Saturday afternoon I went shopping, by myself, for some new clothes. I almost never do this so it was a very special treat. I was gone for several hours and while I was gone Scott took the kids out shopping, by himself...brave man :). I scored some really cute things at Nordstrom Rack and Kohls....mostly pants and shorts at Kohls, and then a cardigan and skirt at Nordstrom Rack. I fell in love with the skirt as soon as I put it on. It's from a store/brand I had never heard of before called 'Free People'(but Becca, my sis later told me that's her favorite brand so it makes sense since I wear all her clothes :)), and actually, that's where my cardigan came from too. Here is the skirt(which looks like a Prom picture pose; but I had to include it because it's a better shot of the skirt :)):
 Sunday was my actual birthday. Scott made me a green smoothie for breakfast and then I opened some gifts.
 Love this guy!

 I LOVED all the cards and letters.

My mom made me this lovely 'tree of life' type necklace. She made it with 7 branches to represent each member of my family.

Here is a close up of the necklace. She used a bunch of cool little rocks. My mom knows a lot about rocks and so each one was handpicked and has special qualities about them. LOVE, LOVE it mom! Thank you!

Scott and Charles got me a new stereo for my van that they are going to install this week! Total surprise! Now I'll be able to plug in my smartphone and ipod and talk on the phone hands free through my speakers! Thanks to my favorite men/boys!!!

The girls each picked an article of exercise clothing for me which was perfect because I use them 6 days a week and was just thinking I'd love to have some new ones for the Spring/Summer. Thanks girls!
For dinner I requested Mexican and Scott tried out a new recipe that was awesome! It's kinda like a Mexican lasagna with layers of tortilla, black beans, cheese, corn and tomatoes. So, so yummy! Thank you dear!

We had a nice dinner together and everyone said something they love about mom which was sweet to hear :).

For dessert we had carrot cake. Scott offered to make the treat but I wanted this particular cake done a particular way and since I was hosting book club at our house a couple of weeks ago I decided to make this cake and then freeze the leftovers to have for my birthday, so that's what we did. And it was amazing! I also got some ice cream for the kids since they're not big fans of carrot cake.

And here I am, sporting my new apron from my sister Bec. Thanks Becca, I love it! Happy Birthday to me!

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