Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jane's 4th Birthday

Jane turned four this week during our Spring Break! She requested Cheerios for breakfast (any store-bought cereal box is a special treat in our house), and Scott made the kids favorite homemade Honey Smacks as well. Jane opened her gifts before we ate breakfast. Mommy and Daddy got her a Frozen outfit and coloring/sticker book and Granny Garnica got her a Frozen magnetic set. Lot's of Frozen going on around here! :) A couple of other presents from extended family came later in the week. Thanks Aunt Pepa for the Tinkerbell movie and nail stickers, and Grandparents for money and a Frozen watercolor book and set!

 She got in her outfit immediately and asked if she could wear it every day. I told her that we would need to wash it when it got dirty which she wasn't happy about but agreed.

 After breakfast and chores, we went to the WOW children's museum for a couple of hours, Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then came home and watched Frozen while mom made the cookie cake and Nora slept. Jane doesn't love cake but she does love M and M's so that's why we went with a giant M and M cookie. I put Annabelle's Frozen dolls on top and I tried to free-hand a couple of 'Frozen' type things/writings to make it a little more special. I was so grateful that I had saved the leftover frosting from Annabelle's Disney Frozen birthday cake last month and didn't have to make anymore! All in all, with baking the cookie, decorating and cleanup it ended up taking less than 2 hours which coincided perfectly with Nora's nap. Jane loved it which is all I cared about! Hooray!

 We ate the cookie cake after dinner which consisted of hot dogs, Izze drinks and salad. What is it with our girls and hot dogs?  I ate salad :).
 I love that I caught Jane's expression on camera as we went around the table and each said something we love about our Jane. Her hand is under her chin, big smile, head titled downward a little shyly. We love our sweet girl! Happy birthday Jane! Your birth has blessed our family beyond measure!

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