Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

 Easter morning the kids came into our room around 630am so excited to go find their Easter baskets. 630 is actually not an unusual time for the children to get up, we're all early risers, Scott and I are usually up by 5 on weekdays, but we like to hope that one day they'll sleep in a little on the weekends :). We had them hop in bed with us (which made for a crowded Queen bed with 7 people!) until 7am and then we told them where to find their first clue for their traditional scavenger hunt to find where their baskets were hidden.
 Actually being the one to pick up the clue and read it could be a source of contention and sibling rivalry but we've made a rule over the years that they are to go in age order from youngest to oldest (we didn't really include Nora because she could care less at this age); here is Jane finding a clue on a construction paper piece of paper cut in the shape of an egg; she had one her older siblings read the clue aloud. I laminated these paper eggs years ago so that I can reuse them each year and we write clues on them with dry erase markers.

 The baskets were hidden in the top of their closets.
 Stinkin' picture won't rotate...sorry. The 'bedtime pass' is something the older kids request at Christmas and Easter. It is a favorite. We give it to the three oldest who are all school-aged. It says, "you may stay up past bedtime one night to watch a movie or play a game with mom and dad. May not be redeemed on a school night." They LOVE any time they get mom and dad to themselves, and staying up late is pretty sweet too (and I love that it's free and it's not sugar! :)) BTW, usually I print these on the computer so they look a little more official, but this Easter I forgot until Easter morning when my 9-year-old said, "Mom, you remembered to do the bedtime pass, right?" Right! So I quickly wrote them out on a piece of computer paper. More often than not, Mom forgets things and so that's just how things roll around here :).
 The kids got a few favorite treats (Cadbury eggs, peanut butter eggs), a couple of snacks (pretzels and teddy grahams..and I meant to put the 100% juice capri suns in there too but forgot...again. I'll give them to them this week :)), bedtime passes, new Spring/Summer pjs (they get new ones at Christmas too but they are too warm for summer), and each got a small gift like bubbles, plant seeds, lotion, etc.
 Nora is so stinkin' cute! And she's a spitfire! This girl can scream louder than you'd ever imagine possible on a girl that is her petite size. But we love her anyway. And, she has gotten a lot better this past month; not nearly where I want her to be but it'll come in time. Until then we'll continue dreaming of the day when she is content and peaceful like the rest of us :).
Charles primary (sunday school) teachers gave him jelly beans with this sweet and fitting Easter poem:

After church we went to our friends/neighbors the Rogers for dinner. Des made ham, salad, deviled eggs and cheesecake, and I made rolls, funeral potatoes, and poundcake. The food was yummy and the company was great! We've always been blessed with such good friends and family in our lives.

Here are the kids in their new PJ's.
We read the Easter story today with pictures. Earlier this week we did our Spiritual Easter Eggs which is a beloved tradition. We are so grateful to our Savior Jesus Christ for his life, his love and his atoning sacrifice. Because of him we can live together with him again and with our families forever! Love him!

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