Wednesday, April 9, 2014

General Conference April 2014 and sickness

General Conference was this past weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and so our family hung around the house for the majority of those two days and listened to the words of the living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and the 12 apostles and other leaders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was amazing and inspiring as always (happens every April and October) and as usual we've set several 'conference goals' since then and have a couple of FHE (family home evening) lesson ideas in mind for the coming month.  

Sunday morning Charles was sick. He threw up a couple of times. He actually started feeling sick Saturday morning but we didn't think much of it until he attended the Priesthood session with Scott, slept through the entire hour and a half meeting and then when they went to get ice cream after, he only ate two bites. Late Sunday afternoon Annabelle started feeling sick too. So we made up 'beds' for them on the floor because they still wanted to be with us, and that's how we watched the last, fourth, session of conference.

Once conference was over Elisabeth, Jane, Nora and Scott got sick too! We had four kids throwing up (and a lot each! I did a lot of laundry!) and two people with tummy aches, headaches and loose bowels. We had our neighbor and fellow church member, Mike, come over and together him and Scott gave the children priesthood blessings of healing....this was a couple of hours before Scott and Nora got sick so just the four oldest kids got blessings. I was good until about 11pm that night which was actually kind of perfect timing....I was able to take care of everyone else during their worst hours and once they're worst hours were about over it hit me. From 11 until 5am I was pretty violently sick. It was awful and I spent a lot of my time in the bathroom. But I knew since everyone else's worst sick times only lasted for several hours that mine should be short lived too and Scott gave me a priesthood blessing in the middle of the night which helped and was a comfort to me. Around 5am Monday morning I was finally able to keep a little water down and then was able to fall asleep and stay asleep until 10am. I got up and tried to go downstairs to where the family was laying around together watching some shows on BYUtv, mostly Studio C a clean comedy show; we also watched the season premiere of Granite Flats. Anyway, as soon as that was over I had to go back up to bed. Walking made me dizzy. Sitting was uncomfortable. Scott had made a quick run to the grocery store that morning to get some bland foods that we normally don't have on hand like white bread and saltine crackers. I drank water and apple juice and ate some apple sauce and a few saltine crackers that day. That night I had a little oatmeal before bed with a few bites of toast. A few of us took naps halfway through the day for a couple of hours which helped too. The older kids were mostly feeling better by then. We went to bed at 730pm that night. Nora woke up at 11pm having thrown up on herself in the crib (she had done that the night before too which I took care of because it was right before I got sick). Scott mostly took care of her that night. I tried to help but he sent me back to bed because I was still shakey and unstable. I went back to bed and we woke up Tuesday morning around 7am feeling much, much better. Scott and I didn't have much of an appetite that day but we ate. We each lost a few pounds from this one day of sickness. Scott went back to work Tuesday and the girls went back to school but I had Charles stay home with us one more day because he still had a slight tummy ache. He's going back to school today.

That was one nasty bug...Scott hadn't thrown up since he was 5 years old, so 28 years, but this one got to him. That being said, I am grateful for the timing. I am grateful that it didn't hit in full swing until after General Conference was over so we could watch and listen. I'm also grateful that it hit us mostly all at once and we could be done with it and I am grateful that I got it almost a half day after everyone else so that I could care for them in their worst moments and then Scott could care for me the following day when I was feeling awful and he was doing a bit better. Marriage is a wonderful and blessed thing. I am so grateful we have each other to share the good times and to help in the sick times.

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