Friday, April 4, 2014

Cub Scout Pack Meeting

With feet duct taped together, get from chair to wheel chair, wheel around an obstacle course of chairs without hitting anyone,

 Come back to the beginning,
 Pick up a book off the floor,
 then still duct taped, do the same obstacle course with crutches and then a walker :). It was good for Charles to see how much harder and longer it is to do normal every day tasks when you have a handicap.
 There were four different stations that had similar type activities that teach the children about having disabilities. At one station they brought a brail Book of Mormon, well a section of the Book of Mormon; if they brought the whole thing it would've been really big and this was big as it is.
 Charles also got to write his name using the brail dots. Very fun activity. Thanks leaders for all you do!

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