Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baking Buddies, board shorts, firepit, painting and more

 Baking Buddies was at our house this month. We made chocolate chip muffins that were whole wheat and honey sweetened. So yummy!
 I love cooking with the girls. Jane snapped this picture of me in my new apron from Becca. Jane is quite the little photographer.
 I've been meaning to get new board shorts for years because my old ones are just too big; big enough that they slip on and off while fully fastened and when you're climbing out of a pool that's just not cool, I of course where swim bottoms underneath but still, who wants their pants coming down :). But two things were holding me back from buying a new pair. 1.) Time/inconvenient: Shopping is something I don't do very often because I don't like to drag the kids along since it's boring and I like to spend as little time away as possible when Scott is home and 2.) Buying new board shorts when I have two pair sitting in my drawer, in perfectly good condition, is hard for me to do.

I decided to use my sewing machine again and pinterest, and try and take them in. Here they are before. Really baggie waist even when I pull the string to it's tightest, and really baggie all over.
 After unstitching the seams at the waist, turning them inside out, putting them on, pinning them and then sewing, I had two pairs of board shorts that fit, and they still look good!
And I only got an "after" of these board shorts. Thank you pinterest for all your picture tutorials for DIY projects!
 I know all these pictures and events are unrelated but uh, well, they all happened this past week so that makes them related somehow, right? One night this weekend we had our neighbors the Rogers over for smores. It has been beautiful outside so it was perfect. It was so fun breaking out the firepit again. We LOVE our nights sitting around the fire, visiting. Then, two days later the Rogers had us over for Easter dinner which was also wonderful. We like them :).
Charles had a pinewood derby for cubscouts this week so here he is with Elisabeth, paining his car.
And a random shot of Nora. I put her hair in two side topsy tails with a ponytail in the back and it looked so cute!  This girl loves to be outside. But I guess we all do.

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