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April 27: Nora turns 2 and Elisabeth plays/sings at church

Nora turned two Sunday. Here she is in the new dress and shoes we got her to wear at church. I was talking to Desi the other day about our gifts to Nora (this outfit and a camelback waterbottle so she can be like her siblings), and I realized that for the past year, all the kids got new outfits to wear on their birthdays, including myself. This may become a new tradition.
Here is Nora opening her gifts Sunday morning before church.

I took the kids to the dollar store the day before because they each wanted to buy her a birthday gift with their own money. As we were about to get out of the car to go inside the store I advised them to steer clear of the toys because they always break, and maybe pick out some favorite snack items instead. Elisabeth and Jane got her different boxes of crackers, Charles got her two 3 packs of bubbles and Annabelle got her a stuffed doll. She loved having some new snacks at church, slept with the doll and won't stop talking about the bubbles.
 Nora also got an Elsa and Anna (Frozen) shirt from Granny. As soon as she saw the tag with their picture on it and the picture on the shirt she yelled out, "Anna!" She knows Frozen a little too well.

We went to church and Elisabeth had prepared a special musical number which she performed during sacrament meeting in front of the congregation (about 200?). She played on the piano and sang the beloved primary song, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me". It was beautiful and it brought in such a beautiful, and sweet spirit. Below is a copy of the program.

 I made sure we sat on the side of the chapel where she was playing so that we would be able to see her, or at least the top of her head. She is so small that that's really the only place you could see her. Elisabeth(she often reads this blog so I know she'll see this), you are amazing and have been blessed with many gifts and talents. Thank you for sharing them!

After church we did videocam with our Smith family grandparents and aunts/uncles during dinner. Nora blew out a candle on her piece of pizza since we were going to a friends for cake that evening.

Once we got home I turned the remains (which was half of the cake)of this Mad Hatter cake that I had made the day before for a baby shower....

into this cake for Nora:

What is it, you might be asking yourself? Well, I guess it's a rock with flowers and greenery :). I pulled off the fondant because honestly, butter cream is just so much yummier and my kids love it and it's for Nora's birthday so it's got to be yummy, and what I had left was some gray frosting and a little bit of white frosting along with some fondant flowers. So I covered the cake in gray since there wasn't enough white, and once I did that Scott said, "kinda looks like a rock" and that's when inspiration came :). So I colored the white frosting green, and 5 minutes later we had a prettied up rock :). Happy Birthday Nora! This is what happens when you're child #5 in the family and you're still a baby who can't quite voice her opinions. Someday you'll probably get a cool cake like your siblings, too :), but for now you get the doctored up, leftover remains of another cake because I didn't want to go to the trouble to make more. Even though we didn't make you a new cake, we sure love you dear! :)
 She LOVED the cake. As I was quickly decorating and adding little details she came over to watch and would exclaim, "Ooooh!" and  "Wow!" and  "Nummy!"

 I made this cake from scratch which I don't normally do but am going to start doing from now on(or at least try).  It was a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting...a recipe I got that Rachel Ray posted on her site when she had The Cake Boss guy on her show, so this is his recipe (Buddy Valastro, I believe), and it's really good!

 We celebrated with some friends at the Gomez home; they had invited us over for their daughters birthday celebration so we just added our cake to theirs and sang to both the girls.

Happy Birthday Nora Dear!

Nora's 2 year stats:
Weight: 23.6 lbs (27%)
Height: 32 1/2 inches (12%)
BMI: 25%

Jane's 4 year stats:
Weight: 31.6 lbs (20%)
Height: 38 inches (13%)
BMI: 53%

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