Monday, March 24, 2014

St Patricks Day

We don't usually do much for St Patricks Day, sometimes we'll make green foods and talk about the meaning of the holiday (which I always forget each consecutive year and have to read up on google once again). This year Charles came home from school one day a couple of days before St. Pattys day and said he was going to make a Leprechaun trap. We had never really talked about leprechauns before so I wasn't sure what exactly he had in mind or what he expected to find in his box on St Patricks morning, so I asked him. He said he was going to leave a silver coin since he didn't have any gold and that the Leprechaun would leave a healthy snack or treat. Sure enough the leprechaun came that night and switched out his silver coin for Cadbury must've been a daddy leprechaun because mommy leprechaun would've probably left apples :). We had green smoothies for breakfast, which is normal, but we made them look extra green, just didn't add any blueberries, or other brightly colored berries.

We had a women's church activity the week before and we made some traditional Irish foods. Did you know that Cornish beef isn't actually an Irish thing but something that started in Texas? We made Irish Soda Bread and Irish Potato Champ which is basically garlic mashed potatoes with green onions and peas. I recreated those Irish foods for St. Patricks day dinner, but we served the peas on the side and added some chicken with a vegan homemade gravy.

 It was fun to try something new. Everything was yummy and I'm sure we'll be doing this again.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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