Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break

 The kids had Spring Break last week. We had colds over the first few days, the only ones who didn't ever get it were Annabelle and Scott. So the first few days we spent at home. Having a big family means the children always have a friend to play with. This was a pajama day we had when the majority of us were nursing runny noses and sore throats.

We watched Frozen a couple of times.

I wanted to get a picture of Elisabeth's braids because we put her in them after she takes baths, which is a few times a week, in the evenings. We do this because it makes doing her hair so, so fast and easy. She just takes them out in the morning and she has cute crimpy hair, minus the straight bangs, which are also cute, just not crimpy.

 Our little firecracker :).
 We spent a morning at the WOW children's science museum, which was also Jane's birthday; more on her birthday in the next post.

 They were having Nano days that week and had some extra activities for the kids.

 Another day we went to Four Mile Historic Park with a few friends from church. It was a bit cold and windy and not all the activities were open yet, apparently they don't open everything til May, but we still had a good time being with one another.
 One of their favorite things was seeing the horses. They had the huge horses, the ones that pull carriages.
 Another day we used some of our Boondocks coupons we got from the Scout auction and did mini golfing. It was 70 degrees and gorgeous!
 I look so serious in this picture; I guess I was focused on the hole.
 Jane looked so cute using the club. Do you like her pink sparkly tennis shoes, magenta leggings, turquoise skort and red long sleeve shirt? Yeah, she pretty much looks like this every day.
 Daddy helping Annabelle hold the golf club the right way.
We had a very nice Spring Break and I wish it were longer. I can't wait til their next break!

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