Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kids Activities and Loud Nora

 Whenever the weather is nice during the winter, I try to take the kids out for a walk or to the park. You'll notice snow in the picture above which was leftover from a big dumping we had a couple of days before but also notice that the kids are in t-shirts and shorts because it was 65 degrees and sunny!

We ate dinner at ipie pizza one night because a percentage of proceeds was going to Elisabeth's piano competition. Jane ate four slices, and she's not even four years old yet! That girl out eats me when it comes to pizza!
 The kids had a half day and so we went with our friends, the Burtons, to the World Of Wonders children's museum. We ended up buying a membership, or a years pass, because with five kids, we'd already had the price of the membership half paid during that first visit :). I know we will use the membership a lot though because we were there for hours and it was still hard to pull the kids away. They had lots of fun science activities to do, plus other fun kid activities like dress ups, a coloring craft room, a music room with a piano, a pulley hooked to a chair, a bank and a grocery shopping area. I loved that it wasn't so big that I was constantly worried about losing one of the kids but it was big enough to have a variety of fun activities to keep all my kids, ranging in age from 1-9, entertained.

 And look at this girl(pictured below)! I know I recently said I want Nora to stay little forever because I love the cute little baby stage, but at the same time, Nora is in an exhausting stage of life; well exhausting for me. Not because she doesn't ever want to keep clothes, socks or shoes on, though after I've put them on ten times in a day it does get a little old, but mostly because she is in a very LOUD stage of life. Holy Hannah, seriously, this girl has got some lungs on her. During church, when we're at the store, at home, in the car, in a restaurant, at the post office (all real examples) it really doesn't matter where we are, she will be heard. If she's happy she'll squeal, really loud. If she's mad, irritated, frustrated, annoyed, angry, upset that she's not getting exactly what she wants etc. she will scream, loud, and high pitched. Unfortunately, this happens A LOT. We get all sorts of heads turning our way when Nora is present because how could you not, I mean honestly, at that volume and intensity, how could you not turn and look? I would. We sure love our cute, strong-willed, independent Nora but we are VERY excited for her to pass through this LOUD stage of life, and until then we are practicing being long-suffering, loving, and patient and hoping she'll get it under control soon. Here she is in this picture, just talking to Jane in a very natural way, totally unconcerned that her bum is hanging out of the diaper she'd just attempted to completely remove. Now if only I could figure out a way to fasten her clothes in such a way that she couldn't get them off.

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Kierstin said...

O my goodness, loved the part about Nora!! I could have written the exact same thing about Ivy, the lack of clothing and the loud part. Patient and long-suffereing are good words to use. Is this just a matter of being number five in the family? That is the only way to be heard, is to be loud.