Monday, March 17, 2014

Food and Friends

The kids and I love German pancakes. This past week I found a recipe to make them in a cast iron skillet in the oven. I loved the way it turned out! The problem is you can't make very much, or at least not quite enough for our family. We each had a slice but they would have loved to have had more. I had also made waffles so we had those as well.

We have the missionaries over for dinner at least every other week, usually on Tuesdays, so we get to know them pretty well. Two of them are leaving this week, Elder Timothy and Elder Hemsley (back two), so we snapped this picture during dinner. We love having the missionaries over because it helps us to remember what's most important.
 Annabelle invited her friend from school, Alexis, to go to church with her this past week. Lexi came along and ate dinner with us afterward. They loved being together and learning about Jesus. We're glad our kids have made good friends.

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