Monday, March 3, 2014

Disney Frozen Duct Tape Wallet and Blog Book Published

Annabelle got a couple of Frozen toys for her birthday. I held onto the tags that had pictures of Elsa and Anna on them and then taped them onto the duct taped wallets I made for Annabelle and Jane...Elisabeth and Charles already have duct tape wallets and so the younger girls, of course, needed them too. I found the instructions on how to make duct tape wallets on this website, but I stopped at step 7, and didn't make a pocket.

And my 7th blog book arrived this week!! I was SO excited when I pulled into my driveway and saw the package sitting on my doorstep!
 This is the back of the book: It has the phrase "Family is Everything" on there and a scripture I really like.
 And here's a sample page. For some reason my changes won't save when I rotate pictures so this picture is sideways.


MarieC said...

Blogger is doing weird things with the rotated pics for me, too. Just don't rotate them ahead of time, and blogger will rotate them correctly for you. Weird, but it is what I do.

The duct tape wallets are GREAT!! And I love that you print your blog every year. I'm doing that with Eldon's mission blog once he gets home (in July!!!).

Elisa said...

Marie, when I upload pictures again this Sunday I'll be sure to give that a try! Thanks!

Lucas Ting said...

If you are a fan of Frozen, do purchase the book Frozen at the right side at my blog with a really cheap price! I bet your children will like it!