Sunday, March 16, 2014

Annabelle started piano and other fun things

We'd promised Annabelle that once she turned six she'd be able to start piano lessons. She turned six last month and she started piano lessons with Mandi, who goes to our church and is a family friend, a couple of weeks ago. She LOVES it! I'm sure eventually the new, exciting-ness will wear out and it'll become more of a chore as it is with the others but for now she loves being able to practice everyday :).

Elisabeth and I went on a date night and saw "Little Shop of Horrors" at the local high school. One of our regular babysitters was a main star along with her sister (Emery, our sitter is the one in brown and her sister is in the blue dress). They did phenomenal! They have beautiful singing voices and such a stage presence.  I don't really love the Little Shop of Horrors story though, and I had some explaining to do afterwards (feeding people to the plant etc, even if they aren't the best of people). We had a nice evening together and it was Elisabeth's first live musical.

Another night last week we had an auction for the Scouts at our church; they were raising money to go to summer scout camp. Everything was very well planned and the Scouts earned a lot more than they were planning to make! The scouts served everyone a spaghetti dinner, then there was a magic show (awesome! Kids LOVED it!) and then we had a baked good live auction and a silent auction was going the entire night where people were purchasing donated gift cards on tables and other items.

I donated this cake for the live auction.

And last random picture: I found this completed writing assignment in Charles back pack and thought it was cute. This is what it says: If I had 100 dollars I would use 50 to buy 5 dogs. And put the rest of it in to the bank for when I am a missionary. :)