Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day

The kids had school off Friday, which was Valentine's Day. We had a pretty laid back Valentine's this year. In the past I've normally made special foods like pink pancakes and heart shaped pizza, but Annabelle's Frozen party was the next day and I had messes everywhere, projects needing to be finished, the cake needing a few more hours of work and so we stuck to the basics. The thing we all care about the most are our love letters. And so Scott and I stayed up a little late the night before finishing off our love letters to each member of our family. We laid them out in the morning and had heart shaped cheerios and pink Naked juice/smoothie for breakfast.

Later that morning I had singing practice with some women in our stake. We went over to Melanie's house and the kids played together (around 30 kids total) while we sang. Afterward snacked on the festive foods we brought to share and visited until it was time to go home at which time I put Nora down for a nap so I could have time to work on the cake. Scott and I texted each other little love notes throughout the day, which is actually a pretty normal and regular thing :).

That evening we had Jenna, our babysitter over. She made the kids turkey sandwiches, they played games and watched a movie while Scott and I went on a date. Scott took me to a place he ate at before and thought I'd really like, which I did, called La Hacienda. I had these amazing Portobello mushroom and veggie fajitas! Seriously so yummy! Later that night he gave me a nice foot rub with some new foot spa tools. Happy Love Day!