Monday, February 10, 2014

Lot's of Snow

 The weekend our parents visited, we got about a foot of snow over a couple of days. The kids were in heaven!
 They went sledding with daddy on a hill behind our house.
Then they came inside, stripped off their went things and mostly laid them on the large beach towel I had set down next to the door, and enjoyed some hot chocolate.
 I'm grateful Colorado is good about clearing all the main roads pretty well, and so quickly! On the other hand, our neighborhood is this giant sheet of ice and tightly packed snow. We didn't have any school closures and we made it to Charles' baptism just fine which is good. Here are Nora and Jane, just having a little siesta :).

Since those 12 inches of snow, we've had a good freeze. It was negative 8 degrees a couple of days later, and I passed three accidents on the way to dropping the kids off at school one morning. I don't like to drive in snow but the Lord kept us safe. It warmed up over the weekend, thank goodness!

And a random picture of Nora helping me clean the kitchen floor.

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