Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Audio books for kids

The amount of books I read this past year in comparison to years previous, was pretty pathetic; I averaged about 1 book every two months, which means I didn't even get in all the book club books; but remember I did move this year and had the house on the market for a couple of months which meant I needed to have a spotlessly clean house at all times, and with young kids, it meant I spent ALL of my 'free time' cleaning. But I guess this doesn't count all the audio books I've listened to with my kids; if you count those, then I averaged a little over a book a month :).  I have our list of audio books below though I couldn't remember them all. We listen to our audio books about 20 minutes a day while driving to and from school. I of course actually drive 60 minutes a day, taking them back home, picking up kindergarten etc but we only listen to their audio books when they are all in the car, after we've asked how days have gone etc,  so no one is missing parts of the story. Here are the books we've read since around September, so about 5 months ago. And we are currently listening to Anne of Green Gables.

Ella Enchanted
Tuck Everlasting
Ellen Tebits
Ramona's World
Henry Huggins
A to Z Mysteries
Magic Tree House (we've listened to almost all of these now, I think there is over 50, but we started listening to these 2 years ago)
Captain Nobody
Nim's Island

We also have study time each night for about an hour where the kids work on homework they didn't have time to finish before dinner and to do reading. Elisabeth is on the 6th Harry Potter book right now; can you guess what she wants to be for Halloween? Hermoine, and she asked Charles to be Harry. It's a good thing I saved those Gryfindor scarves I made years ago for my own costume :). Right now Charles is reading the first Percy Jackson book. We're actually reading it together which I love.

Off subject, this is a poster Charles made in art at school. I like to take pictures of art projects or special writings so that they'll get printed in our blog book (which I just finished last week!!!!!) and so then I feel okay about not holding onto them. When three-year-old Jane saw this poster she said, "Charles looks creepy." :) But I guess that's kinda what he was going for. He's making a funny face and he's made himself into some sort of monster that's coming down from the sky and falling into a building.

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