Monday, January 13, 2014

The Great Purge

Just about every year, sometime after Christmas and around the New Year, we go through all our stuff and take out the things we rarely use or need and give them away. I had the kids(and I did this with my stuff too) pull out every single item out of each dresser drawer and only put back the one's they wear fairly regularly. Nearly half the stuff they don't wear and I know that's true because I found myself saying things like, "Oh yeah, I forgot you had that!" or "I don't even remember this one!" We did this with toys too, and our closets which was time consuming but totally worth it! This year we had something like 12 big garbage bags full of clothes(9 were the kids), a bag of kitchen appliances, shoes, and lots of toys. It felt so nice to have more room in the kids dresser drawers, and in my kitchen cabinets. I hated helping the younger girls put away their clean laundry because the drawers were already full so we had to really stuff and cram their clean clothes inside. And as for the toys, they just had so many that they were not playing with a lot of it, still getting bored, and not being creative because who needs to be creative when you have all these toys to play with all the time. When we were kids my dad would regularly remind us that growing up he was happy and he didn't have any toys, all he played with were rocks and sticks(he was born in 1926 in Mexico so I believe it!). I see the wisdom in that now, I really do. Cleaner homes, more creativity, less distraction. Anyway, they still have some favorites and now there is less to clean up after and things are more organized. Hallelujah!

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