Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Science Project and Nora aka "Trouble"

 Elisabeth and her friend Tammy did a science project together.  They demonstrated how a diaper works which was pretty cool.  They did it all on their own which was even cooler! All I had to do was provide a diaper (no prob! we've got tons!) and a poster paper. And their science project also provided entertainment for the other kids so I was able to get dinner going.
 Can you guess what happened here? Yep, trouble. I mean Nora. That girl is so independent half the day she walks around with a very large, Costco bag of tortilla chips, raisins or an apple in her hands. And it does get messy sometimes. Notice the new bag of Costco raisins on the floor.
 Nora also likes to tip over my wheat and oat buckets, straddle them and then rock them side to side while pretending she's on a horse!

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