Monday, January 6, 2014

Pictures from Christmas Break

Annabelle was handing Jane a toothbrush through an almost closed bathroom door, while at the same time the bathroom drawer was open and somehow the toothbrush got jammed in between the door and the drawer and we couldn't open the door or close the drawer. Annabelle was stuck inside the bathroom for several minutes while we tried to figure out how to open the door. Dad worked on it while I talked through the door to Annabelle, trying to keep her from losing it. It all ended well :).
 I rarely remember dreams. I don't even know if I have them; well except that my mom says we do have them, we just don't remember them. Anyway, about a month ago I had a dream that was very clear. I dreamt that I walked into our local library, got a copy of an Italian Rosetta Stone (which was SO strange because I'm pretty sure the only time I heard of Rosetta stone was when we lived in UT, months ago, and I heard it advertised over the radio), and then I came home and started practicing and learning the language. When I woke up in the morning I told Scott about my dream and told him I knew this was something I needed to follow through with. That day I went on the library website, uncertain they would even carry something like this, but they did and I was able to put it on hold and now I have it at my house and I'm learning some Italian! Scott served a two year mission for our church in Italy so he helps me sometimes :). I'm not sure why I was prompted to learn some Italian but we're going to keep with it and we'll see what happens. Mom thinks it'll help me be able to do some Italian Indexing for family history. I plan on giving that a try once the kids are back in school this week.
 Since the kids were out of school for a couple of weeks, the girls joined me during my exercise routine a couple of times. In this picture, Elisabeth and Annabelle are doing Zumba with me.  I remember the kids doing exercise videos with me when they were too little to be in school. Oh how the times have changed!
 Aunt Krissy and Uncle Wade sent the family a new game for Christmas; Life. We enjoy playing games together so this added some variety to our collection. Thanks Krissy and Wade!
 We had sent Jane to bed before we started but then she came down, very sad and so we let her stay up for a little while :).
 New Years Eve we had a couple of families over to celebrate. We visited, ate lots of yummy foods and played games. And we made it til midnight! The older kids were up til about 1am and Scott and I for a little while after that and their bodies were not used to late night activities and late eating because around 3am Charles came into our room and told us he threw up in his bed. We cleared all his sheets and put them in the laundry, got him settled again and went back to bed. About thirty minutes later Elisabeth woke us with the same story. So we cleared off her bedding and got her settled and went back to bed until Nora woke up around 7am. I slept off and on til almost 9am and even though that would normally be 2 hours of sleeping in, it definitely didn't feel like I slept in; I woke up still feeling exhausted. Scott and I normally go to bed around 10pm so this felt very different :). Once a year though, right? We really had a great time with friends so I think next year we'll just make sure all kids are in pjs and teeth brushed before midnight so that once it is midnight they can go right to bed and we can go shortly thereafter.
 Charles and our neighbor Wyatt did a two day basketball camp together over break. After one of their camp days we took the kids to Jump City. It was SO packed! That's what you get for going when school is out, I suppose. But the kids still had a blast.

And that's all for the break, well minus Charles' birthday party but that will require it's own post.

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