Friday, January 3, 2014


 Scott and I were able to get into bed by around 1015pm on Christmas Eve! Nice and early, which you would think would mean we got lots of sleep that night. Not so. Scott and I are like little kids on Christmas morning, tossing and turning all night and finally deciding it's okay to get up at 6am. Maybe once our kids are older we'll be able to sleep better on Christmas Eve. Maybe.

The girls got up first and opened their stockings until Charles and Nora woke up around 630, at which time we opened our gifts, youngest to oldest each opening one and then going to the next person. It took over an hour.  Below is Elisabeth is showing off her mini "Preach my Gospel" book and her camelback water bottle she got in her stocking.

Me wearing my new pajamas, excited about my running watch.
I made each of the kids a wheat bag since they steal mine and Scott's almost every night. We mostly use it as a heating bag to warm our feet at night when we first climb into our cold sheets, but we also freeze them and use them as an ice pack or to warm an ache.

Our traditional cinnamon rolls we had for breakfast. Yummo! You can find the recipe here. They are made with whole grains! But the frosting is not very healthy :).
Scott tried out his new sleeping bag. It's one of those cool ones that keep you warm in freezing temperatures. Charles got one too since he will soon be a cub scout!
Nora rocking out on her rocking horse that daddy put together the night before.

Charles favorite gifts were his Star Wars legos.
And Elisabeth loves her new Kindle Fire. She worked hard for this gift, earning half the money to pay for part since it was a pricey one.

And I loved my new running watch, arm band and shirt! :) I even went for a jog that day! It was a beautiful day! I am loving the Colorado weather. We get snowy days here and there tossed in with lots of sunny days and some 60 degree weather here and there.

We got to spend lots of time together and do a videocam with grandparents as we opened their gifts.

It was a nice, relaxing Christmas.

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The Horne's said...

Love your running gear! It's amazing how new work out gear inspires us to get out and go! Good work!