Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve, Scott came home early, around 2pm, and we let everyone open one previously marked 'Christmas Eve' gift. I bet you can guess what was inside.
 Pajamas! Wahoo! Nora dropped her new pajamas and ran towards me as I was snapping this picture, little stinker. You can see the top of her head and her little ponytail :). Her bangs are so wild, that ponytail is the only way I can keep them out of her face!
 Scott did an awesome job picking out my pajamas this year. I love them! They're soft and cozy, button up in the front but not the flannel material that I get too hot in, and they are still long enough even after we washed and dried them! Perfect!
 Part of the reason Scott made sure to get home early was so that he could help with dinner preparations. We had three missionaries over for dinner (we have them over about every other week) and I made lasagna, and Scott made a yummy braided bread, and stuffed shells. And of course there was salad and leftover Christmas cookies.

I took a break from dinner preparations and got working on a batch of cinnamon rolls and then stuck them in the fridge so they'd be ready for our traditional Christmas breakfast the following morning.

 After dinner we dressed everyone up and acted out the Nativity as we've done for quite a few years now. Thanks Robin for sending the links to the 'make bible costumes in five minutes' videos. They were so helpful and I loved that I didn't have to buy anything and could just use old sheets and pillowcases etc. Elisabeth made the crowns the Three Kings are wearing! Sweet!
 Our three kings were awesome! :)
 Scott is always the donkey :). The kids insist. And here are our lovely Mary and Joseph.
 Annabelle the beautiful Angel.
 The Three kings coming to visit Baby Jesus (Jane).
Later that night, once the house was all quiet and children were in bed, Scott and I pulled out all of the gifts we had previously wrapped. I think we spent two or three nights wrapping gifts, for an hour each time or so. I didn't want to feel overwhelmed or pressured Christmas Eve which is why we did it before.

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Klari said...

I love the stockings on the stairs! I think we're going to have to do that at our house next year.