Friday, January 31, 2014

Basketball, chore charts and other pix

I absolutely adore Nora's kissy face! She makes it every morning when daddy is leaving for work, if someone is crying, when the kids leave for school and if I ever have to go somewhere at night.
 Here is an updated version of our chore chart. Basically the same as the last I made but I actually wrote down the days of the week this time for me to initial. This works really well for our family, in school or out; it keeps the kids motivated and then we all know what's expected of us without having to ask a million times. They get $1 for each day they get initialed so they can get a total of $5 a week if they're on top of things.

 I was blasting music in my front room the other day while I did Zumba and Nora fell asleep in the same room on the couch. I guess she's used to noise around our house; maybe it's even soothing :). Though it's usually not noise from loud music but from 5 kids playing around.
 When I was stretching at the end of Zumba, Jane got right down with me and totally showed me up! Look at that flexibility!
 Charles started basketball this past week. Scott is the assistant coach which makes it even more fun. At this age they practice for thirty minutes before their game and then play thirty minutes against another team. They also have different rules at this age because they're focusing on skills. They are not allowed to steal the ball on a dribble and not allowed to play a tight defense. I had to stop myself a couple of times, mid yell cheer so that I wouldn't blurt something out for Charles to do that was against these new rules :). A bit of a learning curve for the parents but we'll get it :).
 He loved every second of it.

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