Monday, December 2, 2013

Rollerskating, snow, and date

Here is a video clip of Nora. She likes to hide different objects in her onsie and then pull them out and shout, "Ta-dah!"

The kids elementary school had a rollerskating night, so we took the kids. They were terrible! :) But that's our fault because we rarely give them the chance to practice. The four oldest all gave it a shot. Elisabeth got okay near the end, but then she fell on her knee and we think she sprained it because it was hard to walk on for a couple of days and got a little bruised. She's fine now, completely healed.

 I loved these pictures with Scott and Nora and couldn't decide on one, so here are three :).

 The girls just "helping" Nora with the ipod touch :). Nora tends to scream when they "help", which makes it seem not so very helpful after all.
 It snowed! Not much, just about an inch or two, but it was still magical to wake up in the morning and see the blanket of white covering the ground and sitting on the trees. Here are the girls looking out our master bedroom window.

 We try to take the kids on dates pretty regularly, a lot of times we'll take one with us while we run errands on Saturday so that we get some one-on-one time with each child, a nice talk in the car, hold hands while we walk through the parking lot, that sort of thing. After one of our errand runs, Elisabeth and I stopped by LaMar's which is a popular donut shop around here. We tried the Bavarian cream. It was good, but it of course made me feel like a donut afterward :), well, you are what you eat, right? Anyway, we had a nice visit and Elisabeth was thrilled to get a donut with mom so that was nice.

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