Monday, December 9, 2013

Freezing Cold

We had some freezing cold temperatures this past week. Monday started out really nice at 62 degrees and sunny; I even took the girls for a walk to the park.

But by the next day the temperatures really dropped. The rest of the week the hi's were in the low double digits and the lows were in the negatives! And it snowed 4-6 inches! My kids enjoyed sledding and other snow-related activities, though they didn't last long out in the cold, well at least not as long as they normally would've in winters past that we'd had in Utah. Wednesday was a hi of 13 and a low of zero, Thursday was a hi of 11 and a low of -3, Friday was a hi of 12 and a low of zero and Saturday was a hi of 13 and a low of 6. So the snow we got in the beginning of the week never did melt. Our neighborhood street is covered in a hard layer of snow.
 We get all bundled up before we go out of course, but any skin that is exposed starts to feel numb very fast. While checking the mail, I took my glove off to put the key in the mail box and open it and from the time I took my hands out of my glove to turn the key, grab the mail and then put my glove back on, I could barely feel my fingers and they were a lot harder to wiggle around and move until they warmed up again a minute later.
 The kids faces and cheeks come in beet red and freezing cold! And then they need hot chocolate to get all warmed up again. I've put a limit to one cup of hot cocoa a day because if they could, they would go out several times a day and each time they come in they would like to have a hot cup of cocoa. We're going through our cocoa cans really fast.
It is definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Only a couple more weeks! If you do something nice for someone, it'll feel even more like Christmas. I love this time of year!

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Beautiful pics I have been so bad at keeping up and haven't updated my blog since MAY!! :-(