Monday, December 16, 2013

Field Trip and Christmas Traditions

 Annabelle's kindergarten class went on a field trip Friday to see the play, "No Dogs Allowed". I was able to go along and help supervise the children. Annabelle and I got to sit on the bus together. We took some pictures at the beginning of our bus ride, but then I started to feel a little motion sick so we stopped :). Man, I sure have a wimpy tummy. But I am grateful to have a healthy body, wimpy tummy and all! :)

Sunday after dinner I was sitting down at the table with Nora on my lap. 3 year old Jane asked if she could take our picture. I said 'yes', but Nora was not in agreement. Jane took one anyway. Notice Nora's grumpy face?
 Then Jane looked at it and decided to take another picture. That's when Nora lost it! :)
Can you believe that Christmas is in less than 10 days?! We are very excited around here and really getting into the Christmas Spirit. Our usual Christmas traditions are still in full swing which you can read about on a post here from a couple of years ago. I hope we all remember the reason for this season and that is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, who gave all, so we should be giving too. Our family has come up with a couple of ideas for 'giving' this holiday season, some of which we've already done, some of which we will do next week. Giving doesn't have to be anything big, or even planned. Even if it's giving a smile, or lending a hand to someone who looks like their hands are full (I understand that my arms are almost always full, but I wasn't implying myself, I promise :)). As busy as I am with my 5 children, when I go out,  I try and observe, watching and listening to see if there is anything I can do to help lighten someone else's short, I'm just trying to be a Christian(and yes, Mormon's are Christians!). Enjoy this time of year, be cheerful; it's contagious! Until next time.

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