Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas work party & neighbor gifts

We made cinnamon roll popcorn for our neighbors this year. My family is huge popcorn lovers and this was awesome! cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, chopped pecans and almond bark to name a few ingredients :).

 We packaged it up in these cute Christmas boxes with a copy of the movie "Joy to the World", the bible story of Christ's birth, and a movie we watch each year around Christmas.
 There wasn't much popcorn left over so I made a candy cane popcorn for the family to eat after family home evening that week. There was enough that we packaged some up for their school teachers as well.

This is a random picture of Nora. Most nights when she goes to sleep at night, if she's wearing feet pajamas, she'll strip down to just her onesie; she can't usually get it off her feet :).
 We had a Christmas work party at our house with the three guys that work with scott and their families. Two are married so they brought their wives and the other brought his girlfriend. We've gotten together a couple of other times so it was fun to spend time together again. Jane helped me make sugar cookies in preparation for the party. We did the decorating during the party which was fun. There were some pretty cool looking cookies.
 These are one of my favorite cookies. They are a shortbread cookie sweetened with pure maple syrup(no refined sugar), dipped in melted carob chips/coconut oil/maple syrup, and they have equal parts brown rice flour, whole wheat flour and white flour. They are so yummy!

 We made a lot of foods for the party and everyone brought a couple of things to share so we had a TON of food and everyone took leftovers home. I love yummy leftovers!
 We did a white elephant gift exchange and Elisabeth and Charles got to participate. I previously bought a couple of little gifts for Annabelle and Jane so they would have something to open as well but I thought they might cry if someone stole their gift so that's why I kept theirs separate.

 The guys from the office: Stephen, Jesse, Manville and Scott.
 And this is a fake candy cane we keep in our tree and Nora always brings it to me wanting me to open it and let her eat it even though I continually tell her it's not a real candy cane...she just doesn't get it and it's very upsetting to her :).
 Monday before Christmas when the kids were off from school we decorated the gingerbread house that we got as one of our white elephant gifts(I actually put two gingerbread houses in the pile of gifts because I knew my kids would want one and I wanted someone else to be able to take one home as well). I love these Costco gingerbread houses that come with everything you need all packaged up nicely. It sure makes our job easy!

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