Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Artist, home sick and a quilt

I occasionally can't get a picture to rotate, like the one above. 5-year-old Annabelle drew this picture of a nativity scene while in church. Not having a picture around to copy, I think she did a great job and I was surprised at her ability to notice and remember details, like Mary's blue dress and head piece, Joseph's beard and brown clothes, Baby Jesus' wood manger with hay. Annabelle is our little artista. She really is. Unlike her siblings, she favors drawing to doing just about anything else. If she can find a little scrap piece of paper, in the car, at a store, in a drawer, wherever, she will fill it with pictures.

Elisabeth was sick one day last week. She threw up a couple of times in the night/morning, so we kept her home from school that day. In the morning she slept in the van and shopping cart while I ran a couple of errands(that sounds mean of me to take her out when she's sick but there were a couple of things that had to be done that morning) and then at home for a little while, but around noon I could tell she was feeling better because she started doing gymnastics with her sisters and then, unasked, she pulled both baskets of clean, unfolded laundry down and with the help of her sisters, they folded it all, put it all away and then Elisabeth deep cleaned her room(she shares with Annabelle and Jane) and Charles and Nora's room and vacuumed upstairs! :) Afterward I told Elisabeth that I might call her in sick more often :).  Little sweetheart.

Jane is standing here showing off our new bed covers. Scott and I got bed covers a year or two ago for a really low price but we did not like the way they felt. When Scott and I would get in bed at night, we'd pull the sheet up and over the top of the blanket so that the blanket material would not touch our skin. It was a polyester fabric that was not soft at all, kind of scratchy, and dry clean only. Not a good combo, probably why it was so cheap. Anyway, this time we did some research and we decided to go with a cotton quilt and a separate light fleece blanket underneath for the Winter months. It was a little more than our last set but still a great deal and I love it! This may sound weird but one of the reasons I love it so much is because the fabric colors and designs remind me of my Granny Dorothy who loved all things pink and floral, and we have several pink squares on here. It jut makes me feel all warm, and cozy and loved whenever I see or touch this blanket.

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