Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Christmas Newsletter

Twas the week before Christmas when Mommy remembered

Family pictures hadn't been taken since before last December.

Too cold for family pictures, too late to mail newsletters

An executive decision was made, the result, an e-letter.


Our biggest news when considering the past year,

Has been our out of state move, which caused us some tears.

Leaving behind friends and neighbors is never easy to do

Though we've found wonderful people here in Colorado, too.

Nora is one and was walking in May of this year,

Climbing tables and counters causes mommy to fear.

Nora has no fear, she's full of smiles and kisses,

She loves the outdoors, helping mom sweep and do dishes.


In March of this year, our Jane turned three,

she loves to play with friends and bake with me.

She learns quickly by watching her sisters and brother,

running fast, drawing and gymnastics are just a few she's discovered.


Annabelle is five and began her first year of school

A broken collar bone in May was really uncool.

Fairies and Princesses she plays with sisters and friends

Art is a gift, she'll draw for hours on end.

Charles is seven just a month shy of eight

He's excited for February, his baptism date.

Piano, homework and sports are what fill his schedule

Protective big brother eats granola as his main fuel.

Nine year old Elisabeth excels in all that she does

Gymnastics, piano, student leadership are a few that she loves.

She hums while she works, accomplishes tasks so cheerfully.

She is blessed with a giant heart and a love for her family.


Elisa tries to make home a heaven on earth

Scott loves to be home so I guess it must work.

Ten years of marriage we celebrated this July.

While visiting family in Washington, the time seemed to fly.

We are so very grateful to our Savior Jesus Christ

For His life, His love and His atoning sacrifice.

We hope this e-letter finds you healthy and alright,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!



The Smith Family

Scott, Elisa, Elisabeth, Charles, Annabelle, Jane and Nora

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