Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pumpkin Pie 10k

 I wouldn't call myself a runner. I'm not really fast enough to be considered a runner. I jog, and probably only once a week, the other days I do exercise videos, circuit training or the elliptical machine. That being said, I think it would be really cool to be fast. Maybe someday I will be if I can get myself to work at it. These ladies are my friends/neighbors/fellow-church-goers and we decided to do a race together so we signed up for the Pumpkin Pie 10k.

I jogged my first 6 miler two weeks ago and did it once more before the race and I called that good enough for my training because that's all I could do with my busy schedule.

The race was harder than my runs, probably because I pushed myself a little more and because my nose started running a lot after mile one and because I didn't wear sunglasses and it was really sunny during that one hour jog; by the last couple of miles I had a headache, I'm not sure if it was the sun or the sinus stuff, but probably a combination. Either way I finished, I didn't walk at all (which was one of my goals) and I finished at 63 minutes though my watch read 61 so whatever that means :). Maybe it means I need a new watch :). I would like to get one of those fancy ones that tells you how fast you're going and beeps at you when you need to pick up the pace.

They gave all the runners a slice of pumpkin pie at the end but I don't like pumpkin pie, I actually don't really like any pie besides pecan, so I gave mine to one of the husbands that came along :).

Overall the race went well, about how I expected it to go, minus the sinus headache stuff :). Thanks ladies!

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