Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Piano Recital

Elisabeth and Charles had a piano recital last week. This was Charles first piano recital! They both did very well.
 Their teacher, Cheryl Reeder(pictured below), has 25 students and so she held two separate recitals to keep them around an hour in length. Cheryl graduated with a bachelors in music with an emphasis on teaching private lessons and you can tell. She's an awesome teacher and we're very grateful that our kids get to learn from her.
 Charles played "Home on the Range" and Elisabeth played "Fur Elise". Scott picked up a rose for Elisabeth and a chocolate orange for Charles as an after-recital-gift. By the way, the recital was at Cheryl's home, and yes, she has two grand piano's in her front room! Pretty cool!

Clip of Elisabeth playing Fur Elise
Clip of Charles (accidentally started it late)

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