Monday, November 11, 2013

Nora's tricks

Nora is a climber. Our only other major climber was Charles. She can get into almost anything now. She just grabs a stool or pushes a chair over to wherever she wants to go. And she's SO small, I don't even know how she's strong enough to push a chair! People think it looks so funny/cute to see her walking around since she's so little and they're always surprised to find out she's 18 months. She's a cute little stinker! And did I mention she loves to stick things down her shirt/onsie? Here she is hiding some pistachios.

Ta-da! Can't see them anymore!
At first I thought this was cute, her pulling herself on the oven, peering up trying to see what I had just made. But then she did it while I was cooking on the stove and it suddenly became dangerous.
Nora likes to climb up on the table to see if anyone has left food behind. And she's in luck! She found half a banana!

No such luck this time around.
 Another favorite climbing spot is on top of the blanket chest in our family room which sits right below a counter spot in the kitchen. She can usually find cool electronic devices there like ipods, iphones and laptops....we thought it was a safe spot to keep things, way up on the higher counter, and we got into the habit of always setting our things there, and we're still trying to un-train ourselves from doing that now that she has full and easy access.

With two older siblings who play piano for a total of at least an hour each day, it's only natural that the younger siblings want to join in the fun. We often find Nora up on the piano, playing the keys with one finger, one note at a time and turning pages on sheet music that was not put away.
 While standing on the table, Nora spotted a cup of water on the counter that she wanted. She pushed a chair over to the garbage can, climbed on top of the chair, on top of the garbage can and then onto the counter.
Mission accomplished!

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