Monday, November 18, 2013

Gratitude Tree and Baking Buddies

 Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, for Family Home Evening last week we read an article in the Friend Magazine on being grateful and then we made a Gratitude Tree (also an idea from the Friend). I made the tree by cutting up one paper grocery bag, and then we cut out some leaf shapes from colored construction paper. Each day since that family home evening last week, we each write down one thing we are grateful for and tape it on the tree.
We have SO much to be grateful for, it is not a hard thing to fill up this tree. Things like Jesus, electricity, homes, clothes, food, family, living prophet, friends, earth, my Blendtec and Costco :). I took this picture after a recent run to Costco, mostly because I want to remember how much I used to have to buy each week for our family, I know it won't always be this way and it's fun to look back and remember. The picture doesn't make it look like all that much, probably because it's stacked up in a pile. Maybe I should have waited until I brought it all in the house and it was sitting on my counter and table. I really do love that store. For a big family like ours, it's a life saver because it means I don't have to grab a million of this or that in order for us to have what we need.  Instead I go once a week picking up various bulk items and we're pretty much good until the next week.

And sort of off topic, but also something we're grateful for is our Baking Buddies group. There are 6 girls from our church group around Elisabeth's age who get together once a month at one of the mom's homes and we teach them how to bake something. This month was my turn and we made granola bars. It was fun to show them wheat and how to grind it :).

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