Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Focus and Priorities

The stage of life we're in right now is very full and busy. And that's as it should be, for now. There are times and seasons in life.  For me, this season is the time of raising children, of giving my all to my little family. In every stage and season, I hope that I may always keep my focus on what's truly important and that's living in a way that I can one day return to my father in heaven and be with my family forever.

 A good way to determine what your focus is or where your priorities are is to take a look at how you spend your time, free or scheduled, and you'll know. We are all given the same amount of time. We all have 24 hours in a day. Seven days in a week. For me, during this season, I do a lot of things with these cute little kiddos and with my sweet hubby. Spending time with my hubby will be a priority all the days of my life and into eternity! Love that man!

 Here are some random pictures of recent moments we've captured around the house.

 This next one is not a moment, but a glimpse into our lives: the kids each have their own book of Mormon that they keep in their scripture bags in their rooms for when they study at night and for church on Sunday. We also have copies for each of us that we keep on the bookshelf in our living room for when we do family scripture study at night. I have a book of Mormon that was given to me in high school from my young women leader with my picture on it and a note that says, "this is to remain by the bedside of Elisa". The kids have been fighting  taking turns with that set of "mommy" scriptures, is what they call them, every night for months and so I decided it was time to put their pictures on their own scriptures with their names printed on them as well in the hopes of getting rid of the quarreling. It worked. They don't fight over the mommy scriptures anymore. Instead I'll hear Charles (just doing his brotherly duty :)) say something like, "I call the Annabelle scriptures!" which upsets her and so what we've got are different quarrels :). Well, you can't have everything I suppose :).
 Here are the kids showing us their muscles. Jane is hilarious!
 A picture of our family drawn by Annabelle.
 This is Jane's dancing/gymnastics attire. A creation all of her own.


berrymom said...

I love the scripture idea. We are always chasing down scriptures because they get moved from place to place during various study times.

Elisa said...

You can buy copies at the lds store online for $2.50 each and free shipping.