Monday, October 14, 2013

Service and Fondant Polka Dot Cake

We have a sweet lady in our ward, Sister Murphy, who is always knitting cute things for children. She made the girls lots of flower hair clips and head bands, a couple of blankets and she's knitting all of our kids little snow hats. Nora is wearing hers in the picture below. That picture was taken while at an amusement park and unfortunately Nora threw it off her head sometime during our trip to said park and we were never able to find it again...I looked everywhere we were and checked the front office in case someone had brought it in but no luck. I'm sure it's in good hands and will still be worn and loved because it's a lovely hat.

Here are Nora and Julia. We've watched Julia a couple of times and she does really well at our house with my girls which I think is a relief for her mom (Julia likes to be at home with mom so we're happy she feels comfortable here)
 Nora and Julia are about the same age and like to do the same types of things: eat, put on shoes, put on necklaces, follow mom and do what she's doing, eat some more :).
 This is my sweet neighbor Desi. She has 4 kiddos and we swap babysitting each Tuesday morning so the other one of us can volunteer in our elementary aged children's classes. And here she is helping me (read: she's working while I'm watching and visiting with her)make a Dorothy dress from the wizard of Oz, for Elisabeth for Halloween. She's making it from Elisabeth's old night gown. I'm really no good at sewing so I'm grateful she's willing to take this on.
 My friend Mine was wanting to make a birthday cake for her daughter's first birthday and I offered to help. She came over one day and we made the frosting and marshmallow fondant, we covered the cakes and added polka dots. It turned out very cute. So many little acts of service everywhere we go! You can't help but feel loved and it's contagious! If you're ever feeling down, do a service for someone immediate lift in spirit takes place! And when someone serves me I can't help but feel an increased amount of love for that person. So you see, it's a win-win situation!

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