Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nora at 18 months

 Nora will be 18 months at the end of this week! She is a very active and curious little lady. She's always getting things down, taking things off shelves, and out of cabinets, leaving a trail wherever she has been. She grabbed this nearly empty bag of tortilla chips off the table after we'd finished dinner and dumped out it's contents. Crumbs everywhere! But look at how sweet she is in the picture below, she's trying to pick the crumbs up and put them back in the bag! Thanks Nora, but I think we'll use the vacuum.
 I know this next picture isn't of Nora but Jane and Annabelle are eating one of Nora's favorite foods and something she has for breakfast every morning so I thought I'd include it. They are eating my home-made granola with plain Greek Yogurt and a little agave. Yum!
 It's amazing how young they can learn how to use our little ipods and smart phones and all those touch screens! Nora thinks our new tv is a touchscreen so we've got Nora-sized finger prints all over the bottom left corner of the tv which is where she can reach. I haven't tried to clean them off yet because I think those tiny fingerprints and handprints are precious and they don't last very long.
 Nora is a climber. This is the absolute worst. Why? Because she falls. All the time. And I'm not really sure how to prevent her. We push all the chairs in hoping to deter her but she's strong enough she can get them out. I'm considering putting them all on top of the table, I'm just afraid she might pull them on herself and that would be painful. So for now she climbs on the chairs and climbs on the table and falls off and hits her head multiple times a day and I catch my breath every time and am worried that one of these times she's really going to hurt herself. Or maybe I'll just completely take out all the chairs and put them in another room each morning. If anyone reading has a good idea let me know...we have two tables but I'm not as concerned with our dining table because it's on carpeted floor and gives her a little more of a cushion when she falls.
Nora's 18 month stats:

weight: 20 lbs 7.5oz 5%
height: 31 1/2 inches (I think it was between 25 and 50%)

We have a new doctor since we've moved, well a group of doctors, and we've liked them so far. Nora is a healthy little girl. She got three immunizations, which was not a happy time, but she's okay now, though her thighs were a little sore for a day or two after.

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Alisa said...

Oh my! Nora and Ella would be best friends! Ella is a climber, too!! (my first one, too)