Monday, October 28, 2013

Night time

Our kids range in age from 9 down to 1. Our 9 and 7 year old like to stay up a little later and read once the younger girls have gone to bed. We actually have established a sort of system for going to bed that works really well for us since we have two bedrooms that all five kids share. We have found that if all three girls who share one room, go to bed at the same time, they will stay up for a very long time just chatting. So Nora and Jane go to bed first(they don't share a room) after we have family scripture and prayer....usually around 730pm. The three oldest get books out and read quietly. About 15 minutes later Annabelle joins Jane in her room. Jane is three and no longer takes naps so she is out within a very short time after laying down, as long as she's the only one in the room. About 20 minutes after Annabelle goes to bed, Charles joins Nora in their room and Elisabeth goes to bed in the room she shares with Annabelle and Jane. Here are Elisabeth and Charles reading; I thought it was sweet how their feet were touching.

Once the three youngest are in bed, Scott and I usually do some cleaning for a few minutes, making sure everything is in it's home, and then we relax and visit, read together etc. Monday has become my laundry day which means Monday night Scott and I have a laundry folding party and sometimes we'll do it while we watch a movie or Studio C on BYUtv. Now that we have 7 people to do laundry for I usually have about 6 loads to do in a week. Not too bad. Flashback: I remember back in the day, during our first couple years of marriage, going to a Laundromat, putting in coins, and waiting for our laundry. I am grateful we can do laundry in the comfort of our own home, especially since there is SO much more of it that needs to be done. Elisabeth helps fold sometimes too; pretty soon she'll be old enough to do her own laundry!

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