Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Tree, General Conference and pictures of our home

 The weather is beautiful here in Colorado right now. Mornings are, sunny, crisp and chilly and the afternoons are in the mid 70's. After I drop the three oldest off at school, Nora, Jane and I like to go for walks around the neighborhood and take in all that is around us. Last week we started noticing Halloween and Fall decorations, so we decided to put ours up once we got home. I saved the Halloween Tree ornaments the kids and I made a couple of years ago and so Jane, Nora and I walked around the yard in search of branches to make our tree. We found the perfect branch, it was dark in color, long and had lots of branch shoots. Pictured above is Annabelle with our neighbor Kiley.
 The kids wanted to take pictures with it.
 When we were talking to family this weekend they were asking about different rooms in the house, what floor things were located etc and I thought I'd take a few pictures of the house to help them visualize.

When you open the front door this is what you see: living room off to the right and the dining room behind it, stairs in front that lead to the upstairs three beds and 2 baths, and then off to the left is a coat closet and a hallway that goes to a bathroom, laundry area, family room and kitchen which connects back around to the dining room. There is also a door with stairs off to the left that leads down to the unfinished basement where we keep the kids toys, our food storage, the elliptical machine and all our other storage stuff.

 This is the laundry room next to the bathroom on the ground level of the house.

This is the family room....I took a few of these pictures during General Conference :).

 And I didn't really bother to clean before I snapped these pictures :). During the Sunday sessions of conference we pull out our old Friend magazines, paper, scissors and glue or tape in this case since we were out of glue, and the kids like to make poster collages.
 Jane crashed on the coach during the last part of conference.
 Wow, what a mess! But it really kept them entertained and I was able to listen and take in everything during these two sessions on Sunday...Saturday we were able to listen too but not as well. I don't really make and keep New Years Resolutions but I'm much better at making and working on General Conference resolutions. As I'm listening to the speakers, and they are all uplifting and edifying, things come to mind that I would like to work on to better myself and come closer to Christ. I jot those impressions down and then once conference is over I pick a top few to really work on. I've come a long way over the years and I still have a LONG way to go! :)

I like that the kitchen looks onto the family room. Scott and I were able to cook a brunch for our family while we watched General Conference and we could eat at the kitchen table and still watch conference :). But just so you know we normally do not allow the TV to be on while we eat, this will be the twice-a-year exception.

Moving back to pictures of the house, here are the stairs that go up to the bedrooms and baths.
 This is the bathroom the kids use upstairs, it has a shower and tub.
 Charles and Nora share a room.
 The three oldest girls share a room. Elisabeth sleeps on the top bunk, Annabelle on bottom and Jane in her toddler bed. It's a pretty decent sized room so it works for them. Elisabeth's only complaint is that she has to share with three-year-old Jane who likes to takes all the clothes out of all the drawers when she's looking for an outfit (sometimes multiple times a day) and then Elisabeth feels like she needs to clean it up so she can have a tidy room (they are required to have a tidy room as part of their normal chores each day in order to earn their dollar for that day).
 This is the master bedroom and bathroom.
 It has a separate toilet and walk in closet which is nice, but I wish it had a door into the bathroom because if either Scott or I wake up at different times and we want to shower and get ready we feel like we're disrupting the other. But it works for now and we really are so blessed.

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