Monday, October 21, 2013

Elitch Gardens

We had a work party at Elitch Gardens this year which is an amusement park. It was fun to see the kids enjoy the kiddie rides. I went on one roller coaster with Scott and was done. My stomach is just not cut out for things like that. We had a nice time and enjoyed getting to know the other couples a little better.

Nora did not like any of the kiddie rides, not even the carousel or the train. She cried nearly the entire time we were on those. Maybe in a year or two.

Charles was thrilled on every single ride he went on, though neither him nor Elisabeth would try out any of the bigger rides even though they were tall enough...they were by far the biggest kids on the kiddie rides :)!

I thought Lis and Char might try the normal swings, but they would not. They did enjoy the kiddie swings though! A bonus to having all your 5 children wanting to ride the kiddie rides is that we can all stick together the entire time and/or not split up or wait while the older kids do the big rides.
Charles' favorite ride was the motorcycles that went around in circles. The day started out warm, but we knew it would be pretty cold once the sun set so we packed jackets and hats, and I'm glad we did.

We were there for 6-7 hours; Nora slept for about an hour in her stroller. She was a good sport. I love the black snuggle pack things that came with our stroller. They button on and zip up like a sleeping bag so the girls stay nice and warm and there's no breeze in between the legs.
Once the sun set the kiddie area of the park cleared out so our kids could run from ride to ride and go on the as many times as they liked and all sit together, never waiting in a line. Because it's October the lines were never very long but still, it was nice to have this area of the park mostly to ourselves.

They also had a shooting ball dome/room thing. They have lots of these gun type things where you put in soft balls and shoot them at people. Here are Scott and Jane, loading up and getting ready to shoot me and baby Nora in the stroller :).
We went on the carousel one more time before we left the park....Nora still didn't like it.
We had a fun time together at the park and are grateful to Scotts' work for funding this activity!

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