Monday, October 7, 2013

Elisabeth: gymnastics, piano, student leadership

Elisabeth has two main interests right now, besides school, and those are piano and gymnastics. She's been playing piano for nearly 3 years now so that's not really a surprise but gymnastics is something she really started getting interested in this past Spring when her neighbor Sadi started gymnastics and learned how to do all sorts of cool tricks and taught Elisabeth a few things. We put Elisabeth in a gymnastics class here about a month ago and she is loving it. It's every Saturday for an hour and a half and she looks forward to this all week! During that time they rotate on the beam, vault, bars and floor. She enjoys all of it.

Here is a video of Elisabeth playing, "Baptism". We're hoping she can be the pianist for Charles baptism in a few months time so she's really trying to polish up some of the songs.

One last thing I thought I'd mention for records sake is that Elisabeth turned in an application to be a student leader for her 4th grade class (they choose one girl and one boy) and she wrote a one page essay on why she would be a good candidate, giving real life personal examples showing them why they should choose her and she got it! They have meetings before school once a month and then they get to be involved with other things like the school store etc. Here she is holding her acceptance letter. She jumped and shrieked with joy when she found out! Good work Elisabeth! The Lord has blessed this sweet girl with many talents and I'm pleased she's putting them to good use.

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Scott said...

It never surprises me what children accomplish when they are given the opportunity and support from loving parents and teachers to try new things. The turtle never gets ahead until he sticks his neck out. Nice job, Elisabeth!