Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dentist- Jane's first cleaning visit

 That's Nora pictured above. Isn't her hair getting so long? It's longer than Jane's. Poor Jane. She has been wishing and hoping for longer hair for a long time least a year. It'll happen but it's just hard for her when her baby sister is passing her up :).
 I had the four oldest go in for a cleaning at our new dentist. I think this was 3-year-old Jane's first visit. She did AWESOME! They even did the bite wing xrays and everything! She just sat still and smiled and every once in a while after they finished doing something (like brushing teeth with the nasty toothpaste or the xrays) she'd meet my gaze with a smile and say, "I'm a big girl, right mom?" "Yes, you're right."
Everyone's teeth looked amazing, all four healthy and well and when the dentist asked how I did it I said, "blessings from the Lord" to which he responded "Amen to that!" :)


Klari said...

I have two older sisters; the second oldest had blue eyes but was pretty much bald until she was 3. People would notice her blue eyes and comment on them, and my oldest sister would reply, "Yeah, but I have hair!"

Elisa said...

Ha! Sounds like a conversation I would hear from my kids! :)