Monday, September 30, 2013

Nora at 17 months

Nora is 17 months, such a busy age, and almost old enough to attend her nursery class at church, which means I'll get to sit in and listen in my Relief Society class! And actually we've already started bringing her occasionally and either Scott or I will stay because she LOVES going to nursery and playing with the toys and eating snack, but she won't be official for a few more weeks.

Nora is hilarious and loves to make us laugh. She also thinks she's one of the big kids and copies everything they do and tries to do everything on her own. I think I've mentioned she refuses to eat if you try and feed her which makes for very messy meal times. Here she is doing a downward-facing-dog-pose type yoga move. She can hold this pose for quite some time.

Ah, and yes, this cute little face can sometimes be mistaken for a mini trouble maker. She enjoys pulling everything out of shelves, drawers, and cupboards. She finds it entertaining to pour out large quantities of liquids she can find in abandoned cups left on tables or other places. She loves to unroll toilet paper and splash in toilet water. She also loves to try out every toothbrush she can find and I have found her multiple times with three toothbrushes in her mouth all at once! And sucking on toothpaste tops must be tasty because she does that often. We're supposed to keep the bathroom doors closed to prevent some of this, but in a house with seven people, 5 of which are 9 years and younger, that's not the easiest thing to do. Here is Nora dressed in her pjs and ready for bed except for one thing...notice her hair looks a little matted down and slimy? That's because it's lathered in shampoo, on her dry head.
And lest you think she was able to do this all on her own let me assure you that she had an older and wiser accomplice: Jane, her three-year-old partner in crime. We decided to have an impromptu bathtime, even though it was late, we were already in pjs, all ready for bed.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture below but Nora is holding a stuffed puppy. This puppy moves it's head and makes a barking noise when you push a button on it's back. She loves this puppy. Besides her 'lovey' (a white handerchief) this is the only object she loves. She carries it around everywhere, gives it kisses and likes to hold it's head to her cheek.
Nora gives the best kisses. I'm sure I've thought that about each of our children when they're around this age. It's just so darling when they learn how to pucker their lips and boy does she pucker them. This little girl is so sweet. We love our Nori!

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