Monday, September 23, 2013

New table and tv

We've been wanting to get a bigger table for years, one that seats at least 8 since there are 7 of us, and we finally did it! And I love it! It's new which is weird for us....nearly every single piece of furniture in our home from couches to beds to tables to piano (if you can call that furniture) etc, we bought second hand but we decided that for a table for our size of family with how many kids we have we wanted to make sure it was a good, strong table with nothing wrong with it that would last us forever. And so we got this solid mahogany table with a bench and 5 chairs. It also came with two leaves which would make it a 12 seater so family, come on out! We can now sit comfortably around our table and not feel like we're sitting on one another...though that was nice and cozy :). I also love that this table is distressed and has knots and cracks in it because when 3-year-old Jane took her fork to it the other day and was scraping it back and forth, it looked like it was supposed to be like that :). She still got in trouble and was no longer able to use a fork for that meal or any metal utensil which made her pretty mad. I'm sure we'll have lots more scratches and things in the future and that's okay.

This table really is much more than just an eating area. I work on my stuff here (blogging, preparing my talk or working on church calling, etc), we play games here, have family conversations, the girls play dolls on here, heck I even saw Jane dancing on it one day, which is not allowed by the way, but our 3-year-old is in a stage where she thinks being disobedient is hilarious... we're working on that; lots of time and patience.
I thought Annabelle had the most darling expressions while we played 'headbands' as our activity for Family Home Evening (at our new table :)) so I snapped a few pictures of her when it was her turn and she was deep in thought, trying to figure out what picture was on her head.

We also got a new tv because the color went out on our big boxed one this past week...Scott has been wanting to get one of these flatter screened type tvs for years so he was not sad when it finally died and we had to get a new one. I love it mostly because now we can do our google hangouts with grandparents (like Skype or facetime) on a much bigger screen so it's a lot easier to see and hear rather than everyone trying to crowd around the tiny computer screen. Oh and have I mentioned we got a roku a little while ago? It's this box that connects to wifi and hooks up to the tv. You pay a one time fee of $80(could be a little more or less depending on which box you choose) and then you get different channels on your tv and you can stream Netflix if you have it or hulu. Our favorites are Mormon Channel, BYUtv, PBS kids and Pandora (a music station). It's pretty cool and then you don't have the monthly cost of cable which we've never had anyway; I wanted to be able to watch general conference from home (we were spoiled in UT and had it on our antenna) and now we can!


Lani said...

Hi Elisa,
Can I ask where you got your table? We too have outgrown our current table and it is difficult to find what we want on Craigslist and such around here, so we are planning to go with new also. Yours looks close to what we like and the ability to go up to 12 would be awesome!

Elisa said...

Yeah, Lani no problem. We found it at American Furniture Warehouse. The website is If you're looking for it online, it's called the vineyard 5 piece dining set...but I didn't get the chairs that came with that set because they were white fabric on the top, which I didn't think would look nice for very long in our home so I went with some nice sturdy, all wood chairs that matched well and were actually cheaper than the others (saved $175 or so on all five). I did get the bench that comes with it. The chairs are called 'Hamlin side chair' and they are 'dark walnut'.

Lani said...

Thanks for the info! I'll have a look.

Anonymous said...

I love that table!!!