Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Learning new things

This last week Scott allowed Charles to help him mow the lawn. I'm excited for the day when he's old enough to take over that responsibility :). And Elisabeth should do it too; when I was growing up we lived on an acre and my dad would divide the back lawn into three sections for Fred, me and Becca to split...the other two siblings were already out of the house. I actually don't mind mowing the lawn, it's kind of a nice, mindless yet active task that's enjoyable as long as it gets done in the morning before it gets too hot.

 Nora is just over 16 months but she thinks she's one of the big kids. She is always trying to do things on her own and is quite put out if you try and speed things along by taking over. Meal time is one of those things that is allowing me to practice lots of patience. I want her to learn how to feed herself with utensils and all that good stuff, but sometimes I watch her and think, "oh, that's going to take awhile to clean up" I'm learning to be patient and to let things go and instead grab my camera and document these fun, sweet, learning moments :). And doesn't she look so cute with that spoon in her little hand?
 Oop! She decided it was hard to get some of it on the spoon and resorted to using her fingers.
 And now a little bit of both. And she is covered in granola and yogurt : face, arms, hands, bib, clothes and hair. Nice! I have decided to forgo granola with milk with this little one because milk is a lot messier than yogurt and quickly runs like a stream all over the place. And if she decides to throw it off her tray it's disastrous and all over everything within several feet whereas granola with yogurt seems to stay put for the most part.
 I mentioned before that none of my kids have every attended an out-of-home preschool before and people ask how they do when they first start kindergarten. So far, they've all done great and adjusted easily. But, I think that also has a lot to do with the fact that they have 4 other siblings at home plus they've attended church every Sunday for years and went to their own separate 2 hour Sunday School class since they were 18 months. So anyway, Annabelle loves school. She loves her teacher. She loves learning and being involved and she's doing great. Here are her list of sight words that she's supposed to have down by the end of kindergarten. When she gets home from school, and after we eat lunch, we read off all the words on here. The one's on the right side of the cupboard are the ones she has down and can say without sounding them out. When she learns another word from the left side, she can move it over to the right. They're just up there with some tacky.
And a picture of our studious little Annabelle working on her homework after school. She especially loves homework when she gets to use crayons :).

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