Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hurt lip and broken toe

Jane loves to 'help' her baby sister Nora. Her idea of helping is really not very helpful and usually ends with one or both girls in tears. One afternoon Jane was 'helping' Nora walk a little faster from one place where Nora was to another place where Jane wanted her to be. Jane was pushing Nora from behind, Nora tripped and fell forward, Jane fell with her and Jane's teeth caught Jane's top lip as her lip smacked into the back of Nora's head. It was very bloody and got all over her shirt and the front of her dress. I was a little worried at first with the amount of blood, but luckily she allowed me to ice it and we went through a couple pieces of ice, while she lay on my lap and watched a Barbie movie.
A couple of days later we had another accident; I guess I should say, I had another accident. I was walking in a friends house, socks on, no shoes and I stubbed my toe on a wooden stool. It really hurt, but it usually really hurts when I stub my toe and I can usually shake it off within a matter of seconds. But this time was different. It started to feel numb after awhile and it hurt at the same time, hurt enough that I walked with a slight limp trying to avoid putting pressure near my toes, and when I drove our family home, I killed to push down on the gas or to brake. By that evening it was nice a bruised and a little swollen. After I dropped off the three oldest at school the next morning, Nora, Jane and I went over to Urgent Care to have an x-ray just to be sure that's what it was and that nothing needed to be adjusted. Our suspicions were correct and there was a break, or a chip out of the top of my long toe next to my biggest toe.

We had to wait quite awhile to be seen and for the x-ray to be taken etc, but the girls entertained themselves by opening all the drawers over and over again and hiding in the cupboards.

The first day was painful, the second was a little painful but much better and by day three I was feeling pretty good. The doc just taped my toe to the shorter one next to it and said to keep it taped for a couple of days, and then I iced it a couple of times and elevated it a couple of times, but other than that I was still able to cook and clean and get all my normal stuff done which was nice. I think this may have been my first ever broken bone. Is that right Mom? Now, almost a week later it's fine unless I someone touches it or I try to bend it...then I get this weird numbing sensation mixed with some pain and uncomfortableness, and I was able to go for a speed walk the other day and use the elliptical all without any pain or discomfort which was nice.


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