Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Do you ever wish you could stop time? I am wishing that a lot these days. The kids are growing up so fast, constantly growing and changing and I hope I'm doing an okay job of documenting everything for them to remember. I want them to remember the day-to-day stuff we do all the time, the quirky behaviors, the laughter, the sad times, the hard times, the special/sweet times. These pictures were all taken on different days and times in different settings but I thought they all captured something special that the kids will enjoy looking back on and remembering.
Jane, our three year old, has a lot of personality and is very strong-willed. We're trying to channel that energy in a good direction. She is also going through this stage where she still kinda needs naps but doesn't always want to take them and so I'll let her go days without but then she has melt down after melt down...and nap or not, she has the hardest time going to bed at night. She comes up with a million different excuses to get out of bed: I need water, I need to go to the bathroom, I need to give you another kiss, I need you to buy me brown shoes (that was one from earlier this week!). I found her passed out on her bedroom floor earlier this week and ran for my camera. She had fallen asleep with her leotard under her outfit and Elisabeth's snow cap on her head even though it was in the 80's. She loves that hat. And she still loves her very special yellow blanket which she is laying on.
 After school, Charles likes to take his snack outside to eat...I think because once he's done with his snack I have him get started on piano and homework and this way he gets a few minutes to enjoy the outdoors. He had taken Nora out with him so I peeked through the window and found them like this, sitting on the back patio bench, his arm resting on her shoulder, just looking out at the trees and grass and watching the squirrels...we have a lot of those, and bunnies!

 Nora is hilarious. She likes to make people laugh. She took a rag and stuffed it down her onsie and then went around and showed it to all of her siblings and me.


All gone!!

We have a shelf in our living room where we keep an extra set of cheap scriptures for everyone...their nicer ones in their church bags stay in their bedrooms and every night when we read scriptures together as a family, the kids race to see who can get the "mommy scriptures" first. Those are the scriptures I got from my young women's leader probably 13 years ago and she put a picture of my face on the cover. I told the kids I would make them each their own copy with their own face on the cover so as to avoid contention :).

The girls like their room to be clean and orderly. That being said, it is hard to make a bunk bed that is pushed up against the wall. So the girls have been sleeping on top of all their covers to avoid having to make their beds in the morning! They've been doing this for about a month. I'm not sure what they're going to do when it gets really cold...probably what Annabelle did in the picture below and that is to grab a throw blanket and cover herself with that.

Charles was playing touch football at school, on the grass, was running down the sidelines with the ball under his arm and got 'touched' or shoved really hard and he fell out of bounds onto the cement, head first. I was told he was a bit dizzy afterward, but other than that and the big goose egg on his forehead, he seems to be fine.
Annabelle and Jane, just snuggling on the couch.

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Klari said...

I absolutely loved reading this! This marvelous record of the little things is what I was looking for when I started my own family blog. Seeing the pictures and accounts of your children brightens my day; I hope that eventually our family's little stories will do the same thing for others, as your post does for me.